Waydoo Flyer One


E-Foil Cornwall is the first E-Foil and only centre in Cornwall.

At E-Foil Cornwall we offer three different types of E-Foil lesson.

Learning to surf on a regular surfboard requires years of practice and even then the sport remains super difficult and fickle and rides are short. When you’re on an E-Foil however, you can keep going forever – or at least as long as your battery lasts.

Anyone can E-Foil! E-Foiling seems much more difficult than it is. Experience shows that almost anyone can stand up within half an hour. This means young, old, big, small, surfing experience and no surfing experience! Together with our instructors we make sure that the lessons are safe and that it is an unforgettable experience.

Find our more about E-Foiling or book your lesson with us here!

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