Sunset in Looe by Summercourt Cottages


Cornish Holiday Cottage makeover…

New and improved Cornish holiday cottages. They are looking swish (if we do say so ourselves) and perfect for a West Country getaway this year…

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Easter at the Eden Project

Have a fantastic time at the Eden Project this Easter with lots of new indoor and outdoor activities. For example, you can help the Eden Farmers round up their animals or learn what makes crops grow. Play some fun games and other ‘eggciting’ activities. Collect stamps to fill up your card and ‘eggschange’ them for […]

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Ready for summer!!!

Hello everyone!We have been very busy here at Summercourt Cottages this winter renovating two of our bigger cottages, the Granary and the Stables. As of last week we have finally finished the work and are excited to show them off to you all. Both of them are still available for the Easter holidays, so if […]

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Merry Christmas from Summercourt

I hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas with friends and family. We have been working on some Chistmas presents for everyone staying with us from next year onwards. As of January 2019, all our guests can benefit from a 15% discount on entry fees for the Eden Project as well as the […]

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We support the NHS

The NHS is something very close to our hearts at Summercourt. In the last few years, both of our respective children required life saving support when they were born. The doctors, nurses and health workers helped our children get better and they helped us and our families through some really hard times. Having chatted at […]

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