Wifi network upgrade

We are very (cautiously) excited about this upcoming season and can’t wait to welcome returning as well as, of course, new guests here at Summercourt Cottages! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just like in the past few years we have been very busy during the off season to evolve and improve Summercourt Cottages into an even better holiday destination for you. We have many visions and plans which will hopefully materialise in the near or distant future. As those of you who have stayed here before know already, both Joel and I are always very keen and appreciative to get some honest feedback from our guests as we feel this is the best and most reflecting way of evolving and improving Summercourt Cottages. Some of the feedback we got last year was that the internet, during peak times, could be a little slow and even cut out occasionally. So one of our priorities was to upgrade our Wifi system. Instead of two external Wifi access point we have had Wifi modems installed in each cottage. This will guarantee optimal signal strength for each Cottage. To provide, regulate and distribute enough data to each Cottage we have also had a Ubiquiti Cloud Key controller installed. This new setup should now enable our guests in each cottage to stream videos in HD quality with no difficulties even during peak hours.Lets hope safe travelling will be possible again by spring time and we can all enjoy a sunny walk along the Coastal Path taking in the breath-taking scenery around us or even dash down to the beach for a quick swim or maybe even a paddle on one of our inflatable paddle boards. Stay safe everyone and hopefully see you soon.

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