NHS staff discount Summercourt Cottages

We support the NHS

The NHS is something very close to our hearts at Summercourt. In the last few years, both of our respective children required life saving support when they were born. The doctors, nurses and health workers helped our children get better and they helped us and our families through some really hard times. Having chatted at length about our experiences, Dennis and I wanted to show our appreciation for the hard work that all hospital staff do. It may all be in a days work for hospital workers, but for both of us it meant more than money can say.

So for starters, we have teamed up with NHS health staff discounts to offer any NHS staff 15% off any booking at any time.

We look forward to doing more in the future, and hope that a little bit of sea, sand and beautiful Cornwall can start to help us show our appreciation.

Joel and Dennis 


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